3 Ways Moby Helps Teachers Close Learning Gaps

Posted by MobyMax on February 08, 2022

What do your students know…compared to what they NEED to know? And how do you get them from NEEDING to know something to actually knowing it?

There’s probably not a teacher in the world who hasn’t struggled with this dilemma. That’s why closing learning gaps is at the heart of the award-winning solutions suite you’ll find at Moby.

It’s also why we make it possible for teachers to close learning gaps in at least three ways: by providing easy-to-use tools for differentiated learning; by streamlining the assessments process; and by using fun and creative games to maximize student engagement.

Teachers who use our Differentiated Learning tools can help students close learning gaps with adaptive learning in all K-8 subjects. “I use MobyMax in my classroom daily for Math, Language, Reading, Science and Social Studies,” reports one teacher. “There are not many other online resources that offer all of the subjects.” This teacher starts by having students take Moby’s placement tests. “I then dig down into those results and while Moby is closing the skill gaps with their automatically assigned lessons, I assign grade-level lessons so that my students are being exposed to grade-level material as well. I am also able to assign lessons at a higher grade level for my advanced learners and lower grade levels for any students that are struggling.

“MobyMax works for my classroom!”

The ability to pinpoint missing skills with free diagnostic assessments is another way teachers use Moby to closing learning gaps. MobyMax’s diagnostic tests quickly assess student proficiency on each standard in the common core, letting you know exactly where gaps in student knowledge exist. With these diagnostics in place, you can then easily map out a game plan for each student. “MobyMax is an awesome resource used to differentiate learning for all students,“ said one McKitrick Elementary School teacher. Another calls it the “Perfect tool for individualized lessons to enhance student progress.”

Engaged students learn faster. That’s why MobyMax makes it easy to engage every student with games, interactive lessons, activities, and class celebrations. Reports one teacher, “MobyMax is perfect for closing skill gaps and engaging all learners. My kiddos are always asking to use MobyMax at school and at home!”

“MobyMax does a great job of guiding students through lessons with the use of videos and practice questions. This helps me have time for my other students and gives me the peace of mind that the ones on the computers are actually learning when they are working on MobyMax lessons.”

“MobyMax also has so many engaging motivational features for the students. My kiddos really love earning badges and game time!”

I love being able to create contests and incentivize my students!”

MobyMax will help you close learning gaps for every student in every subject. That includes Common Core, NGSS, and state standards, too. If you need any ideas on how to use Moby’s tools to get your students from NEED to know to KNOWING, please get in touch with us! Sign up for free at mobymax.com.

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