5 Ways MobyMax Helps Students Avoid ‘Summer Slide’

Posted by MobyMax on May 27, 2016

More than 100 years of education research proves what K-8 teachers know from experience: When most students return to school in the fall, the knowledge they gained the prior school year has begun to fade.

This phenomenon is known as “summer slide”—learning loss that takes place when teaching stops during summer vacation. Summer slide can rob even the most adept students of the education basics they’ll need to excel at the next grade level and beyond. In fact, most students lose about two months of grade level equivalency in math computation skills during summer break.

Recent research has also shown that summer slide is more likely to affect low-income students, who might not have ready access to local summer learning opportunities. In fact, summer slide is a leading cause for the achievement gap affecting low-income students, who are then less likely to graduate high school or enter college.

How can teachers and school administrators help their students reduce the damaging effect of summer slide while providing an easy-to-execute (and affordable) summer learning program?

MobyMax helps K-8 students combat summer slide in ELA, math, science, social studies, and more—and it’s FREE for students to use.

Here are five reasons why MobyMax is the ideal learning tool to help students avoid summer slide:

  1. It’s FUN – What is the best summer learning activity for kids? Every teacher knows the answer: It’s the activity that kids will actually do. Kids love to compete, and MobyMax allows teachers and administrators to set up a summer contest in seconds and monitor progress anytime. For example, an administrator could set a 1000-point goal over the summer break and include all subjects or pick a particular subject area. Students are already online with their handheld devices, tablets, and laptops. MobyMax meets them when and where they’re comfortable, and it teaches them with challenging games and narrated, animated lessons. Students can also earn subject-matter badges and game time as they learn, and teachers appreciate seeing these skills taught, not lost.
  2. Differentiated learning – Every K-8 subject is covered by MobyMax, and it’s simple to identify areas of need, which then can be addressed to help a student maintain his or her knowledge base during the summer. Best of all, MobyMax offers true differentiated instruction for every student by assigning lessons based on detailed diagnostic results. MobyMax also allows manual lesson assignment, so every student’s learning needs are met at his or her own pace.
  3. Accelerated learning – Year-round use of MobyMax helps students learn faster and retain knowledge more effectively. MobyMax can help students increase grade-level proficiency in just 20 hours of use. When used during summer vacation, MobyMax not only can help a student retain knowledge from the school year but also get ahead of the game for next year.
  4. Simplified progress monitoring – Easy-to-read graphics depict data that teachers, students, and parents can access at any time. Progress is easy to track, analyze, and interpret. Data is automatically compiled for every standard so teachers need not wonder if a student is struggling. Likewise, parents can stay engaged and informed using the built-in Parent Portal.
  5. It’s FREE – MobyMax registration costs nothing for teachers, who can register an unlimited number of students. Any administrator can also register for free at MobyMax.com and set up their own school-wide summer learning contest for their school!

The school year is winding down, which means there is no better time to begin your defense against summer slide. You want to give your students the best, FREE summer learning opportunity available, so why not choose the winner of the 2017 SIIA CODiE Award winner in the category of best education cloud-based solution?  

Register now for MobyMax and send your students into summer prepared to retain their hard-earned knowledge.

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