Announcements and Tasks keep kiddos on track!

Posted by MobyMax on March 09, 2017
The Wall just got a new upgrade: it is now called Announcements and Tasks! Use this feature like a classroom bulletin board to send out announcements, post assignments, schedule events, or poll your students with just a few clicks. 

We've also spruced up the screens that report lessons. These changes make it easier to view and print student lesson scores. On the Snapshot screen, you can now print or export scores by each individual lesson.

On the Lessons screen, you can expand lessons to show and print scores for individual lesson topics. Just click the arrows to expand!
Lastly (but definitely not least!), we've changed how to manually assign lessons. Now, when you assign a lesson to the top of a student's sequence, it will pause the lesson currently in progress and start the assigned lesson immediately! If you'd rather a student finish the in progress first, just choose "After current lesson" on the sequence screen. 

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