Big Additions To Skill Checker And Benchmarker Assessments!

Posted by MobyMax on March 12, 2018
More great assessments are headed your way. Please welcome Reading Skills Informational Benchmarker to the MobyMax family of modules!
Reading Skills Informational Benchmarker is the companion to Reading Skills Literature Benchmarker. Available for grades 3-8, each test covers CCSS Reading Skills standards in the most efficient way possible to ensure comprehensive coverage in a short amount of testing time. You can use these tests to assess prior knowledge and mastery, diagnose areas for further learning, and chart growth.

These assessments give you actionable data that you can use to perfect your instruction. Reading Skills Informational Benchmarker reports work exactly the same way as with other benchmarker tests, making it easy for you to integrate these assessments into your regular class work. You can evaluate students' performance across grade levels, view proficiency against standards, and even drill down to see a student's exact answer on test questions.

Looking for a way to re-test students on the same set of skills? You can now reassign an existing test in all Pinpoint Assessments Skill Checker modules. Click the "Reassign Test" button and follow the stepper to reassign. 

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