Celebrating a Fantastic Year and Looking Ahead: A Thank You to Our Amazing Teachers!

Posted by MobyMax on June 29, 2024

As another incredible school year has wrapped up, we at MobyMax want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the dedicated teachers who have worked tirelessly to support and inspire their students. Your unwavering commitment and hard work have made this year a resounding success. As summer continues, we hope you find time to relax, recharge, and enjoy some well-deserved rest.

Reflecting on this past year, we are immensely proud of the positive impact MobyMax has had in classrooms across the country. We receive thousands of testimonials from teachers each year, and we’d like to highlight a few that really show the difference MobyMax can make:

“MobyMax has been an incredible asset for me during the 2023-2024 school year. As an ESE teacher, I witnessed my students make remarkable strides using this platform. Some even advanced by two grade levels. I wholeheartedly recommend MobyMax. My students particularly enjoyed the ELA and Math gameboard games, striving to get their answers right to earn the most points possible. They were so engaged that they didn't even realize they were practicing teacher-assigned skills I identified for extra practice. MobyMax has truly been a lifesaver this year! Five stars from me! Don't walk but run to your administrator and tell them about this program.” Florida Virtual Elementary School, FL Teacher

“MobyMax covers so many subjects and skills that allow my students to use one platform to enrich, teach, and improve many skills with engagement for students. My students enjoy it because it is easy to understand. It finds the most important ways for skills to stick. They love playing the games individually and on teams, and they love gaining points. There is so much in Moby that keeps the students engaged and learning no matter their level.” Cane Bay Elementary, SC Teacher

“MobyMax is a self-paced program that gives students exactly what they need, when and where they need it. My students get motivated to pass their lessons and try to beat their best scores and lesson completion. They also try to compete with each other. They love it! Students know that each lesson they pass is going to help them become more and more knowledgeable in math concepts catching them up on missing skills that are needed to be at grade level, and it can even advance them into above grade level work pushing beyond the basic curriculum. For teachers, the data is very easy to read regarding competency level and time on task. I highly recommend MobyMax to anyone!” JIM Enterprises Inc. Lodi, CA Teacher

“I love MobyMax. It is not only a go-to for assessment and filling in the gaps each student has, but it is also a great time filler when plans change unexpectedly. I have students who even use MobyMax throughout the summer! I logged on right now to assign some lessons for a student AT HIS REQUEST (it is June, mind you!). The fact that I can easily assess any time and also have students working on foundational skills they may have missed somewhere along the way is phenomenal and something I truly appreciate!” Edgewood High School, OH Teacher

These testimonials highlight the transformative power of MobyMax in enhancing student learning, engagement, and achievement. We are incredibly grateful to be part of your educational journey and are thrilled to see the remarkable progress your students have made.

As you take time to relax and enjoy your summer break, we encourage you to start thinking about your plans for the upcoming school year. How can MobyMax continue to support your teaching goals and help your students reach new heights? Whether you’re looking to fill learning gaps, enrich your curriculum, or provide engaging and interactive learning experiences, MobyMax is here to help.

Thank you once again for your dedication and passion. Wishing you a wonderful summer filled with relaxation, joy, and inspiration. We look forward to supporting you and your students in the new school year!

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