Creating assignments and recording lessons

Posted by MobyMax on April 02, 2020

Our team at Moby is focusing all our energy on making teaching and learning from home as easy for you as possible.

We’re putting together some videos with that exact goal in mind, and the first two are ready!

Video 1 – How to create assignments for your students at home

Follow three easy steps to create assignments using MobyMax using Moby Learning, Quick Checker, and Interactive Class.

Video 2 – How to prepare and send a video lesson to your students at home

This video details how to download a screen capture app to record your screen and how to create lessons using Moby’s Whiteboard Activities. You can pull problems from the Moby curriculum or create your own. Your students will be able to watch your instructional video anytime!

Looking for more? Here are the "Remote Learning Guides," in case you missed any of them.

Part 1: Quick Guide to Using Moby from Home (English) (Spanish

Part 2: Monitoring Usage and Setting Goals

Part 3: Communicating with Students  

Part 4: Retaining a Sense of Community


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