Dread Testing Season? Not When You Use These MobyMax Tools!

Posted by MobyMax on January 13, 2022

Nobody likes testing season! It’s stressful for students, who worry their test results might not accurately reflect the hard work they’re doing in the classroom. And it’s stressful for teachers, who want all their students to be as well prepared as they can possibly be.

Fortunately, MobyMax already has in place five test prep tools that make it easier for teachers to help their students—and make it easier for students to succeed.

  • MobyMax Test Prep and Review – The Test Prep and Review tool helps teachers quickly diagnose students’ strengths and weaknesses so they can focus prep on areas where students are struggling. Start using it now, and you’ll see students increase their scores and confidence with just two weeks of practice.
  • MobyMax Assessments – MobyMax Assessments help teachers pinpoint missing skills with both formative and summative assessments as well as diagnostic placement tests. Using any of these assessment tools enables you to quickly check for student understanding in math, reading, and language.
  • Moby’s comprehensive K-8 curriculum makes it very straightforward to identify students’ problem areas well before they take their state tests. Teachers can assign extra practice to bolster students’ existing skills and improve test performance in 27 K-8 subjects.
  • Moby Contests – Teachers use Moby Contests to keep students motivated throughout the school year. But contests can work well for test prep, too. In just minutes, teachers can create a contest that has students competing for points and awards all while strengthening the knowledge and skills they need to perform well on state tests. Learn how to set up a classroom or school-wide contest here.
  • Tools to Practice Outside the Classroom – Moby’s Online Differentiated Learning System makes it easy for teachers to assign test prep practice for students who want to keep working when they’re at home. MobyMax enables teachers to individualize instruction for every student. Each student is working on exactly what they needed to succeed, whether that be a specific subject such as language arts or mathematics or even test-taking skills to prepare them for test day.

“MobyMax is a great ‘go to’ tool that you can have students use in the classroom or at home,says Monica Contreras, a third-grade teacher based in Florida. “My students have commented that they like how it moves quickly through a lesson. It uses student error as the opportunity to show students their mistakes and gives the students the opportunity to learn from them.

“Having the option to print out math 'skill checkerquestions saved me a ton of time,said Huntsville teacher Sarah F. “After I used these printed resources for mini-lessons or whiteboard quizzes, I could individually assign the online lessons to students who needed a little extra practice.” 

“MobyMax is perfect for closing skill gaps and engaging all learners,noted teacher Lisa S. “My kiddos are always asking to use MobyMax at school and at home!...This helps me have time for my other students and gives me the peace of mind that the ones on the computers are actually learning when they are working on MobyMax lessons.” 

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