Fact Assessments For Subtraction And Division!

Posted by MobyMax on April 12, 2018

Learning basic facts is key to a student's success in advanced math. That's why we've released a new set of assessments for Division and Subtraction! These assessments test students' fact knowledge for numbers 0-12. 


Subtraction and Division Skill Checker have a wide range of tests; some evaluate students on just one fact, while others test a range of facts. With more questions per skill than our Math Skill Checker, you'll have a better sense of exactly which facts your students need to practice. 


All the reports you rely on in Moby Assessments are right here with Subtraction and Division Skill Checker. Check out your results by student, skill, or individual test!


Addition and Multiplication Skill Checker are just around the corner! Stay tuned, and we'll keep you updated with more great Moby news. 

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