Fun While Learning? MobyMax Makes it Easy!

Posted by MobyMax on December 01, 2022

Motivating students is everywhere in MobyMax! It starts the first time students log in every day with the Daily Smile comic, and continues throughout every module they use. It’s in the engaging tech-enhanced problems and touch curriculum. It’s in the cognitive skill manipulatives. It’s in the contests and games. It’s in the certificates and badges. It’s in earning game time with each correct problem. Student motivation is simply everywhere, and learners, teachers, and parents are taking note! Take a look at these snippets from some of our recent rave reviews:

“Everything about MobyMax gets my class excited!” ~ Carlisle Elementary, OH teacher 

“My second graders don't realize that the fun they’re having on MobyMax is actually good, hard work, and learning at the same time” ~ St Francis School, LA teacher 

“My students’ parents get so excited to see how happy the kids are to be doing math!” ~ Cornerstone Preparatory Academy, GA teacher 

“The excitement on MobyMax is constant with so many fun incentives that keep kids working hard, staying engaged, and, most importantly, learning!” ~ Eisenhower School, IL teacher 

Beyond all the incredible motivational tools baked right into MobyMax, students can dive into practice where the learning is a game! Enter MobyMax’s Board Games and Team Games–two tools perfect for taking that gamification up a notch! 

In Board Games, students play a board game against computer opponents, advancing through the game by quickly answering questions and earning spins. Throughout their game they will be practicing teacher-assigned Math, Language, or Foundational Reading skills, with the option to self-select skills if none are assigned. Students will use their decision-making skills to earn power-ups and bonus moves, and to avoid spaces that send their game piece backwards. When students complete their board game, they “win” their game piece, building a collection to show off their hard work!

Check out more information about Board Games, including how to assign them, here:

Or watch on Vimeo:

In Team Games, the teacher selects which students will participate, and Moby randomly assigns them into teams to work together as they earn virtual coins in a dynamic, gamified environment that will push practice into joyful overdrive! Detailed feedback for each question provides significant instructional value, making this a valuable alternative learning method for students who struggle with more traditional delivery methods. And teachers don’t have to worry about teams being unbalanced, as Team Games utilizes a handicapping system (similar to golf) in which student ability levels are analyzed in real-time and scores are adjusted so all students have a chance to contribute equally. Everyone has the opportunity to earn points and to bring their team to the top of the leaderboard!

To learn more about Team Games, including the steps to start a game, watch here:

Or watch on Vimeo:

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