How Moby’s New Touch Curriculum™ Technology Can Help Kids Learn Science Twice as Fast

Posted by MobyMax on October 14, 2015

When school ended last year, the MobyMax team took on the challenge to produce new technology, designed to help all students become better problem solvers, critical thinkers, and creative geniuses! Introducing Cognitive Skills Science, featuring our new Touch Curriculum™ technology for K-8 students!MobyMax Personalized Learning Cognitive Skills Science

How Does the Touch Curriculum™ Work?

  • Touch Curriculum™ allows students to tap on “digital manipulatives” within the Cognitive Skills Science curriculum.
  • Using these digital manipulatives helps students draw connections, solve problems, and come away with a deeper understanding of science overall.
  • It’s independent and intuitive, making it a lot of fun as well as a highly effective teaching tool.

See how it works-

How Does the Touch Curriculum™ Help Kids Learn Science?

By putting Science right into their hands and giving them the tools to both learn and solve, students can go from being “a little behind” in science to a full grade level ahead by the end of the school year.

Plus, as students independently work through each science concept in the Touch Curriculum™, they’ll practice with thousands of different cognitive skills manipulatives. That’s how they master scientific concepts and become even more engaged in class.

See For Yourself

The best way to appreciate the new MobyMax Touch Curriculum™ technology is to take a look at it yourself for free at

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