Introducing Sight Words!

Posted by MobyMax on January 31, 2017

Early Reading teachers know how critical it is for students to learn sight words. Learning high frequency words by sight allows students to fluently read sentences and passages without having to waste time on decoding. That's why we've added Dolch and Fry Sight Words to the MobyMax Phonics suite. Students will learn these words using engaging manipulative questions and fluency speed drills, ensuring that students memorize these critical words in a flash. All they need to do is click on the "Sight Words" button today to get started!

Dolch Sight Words.png

We'd love your thoughts on this new addition to the Moby curriculum. Give us a holler at (888)793-8331 or email at Your feedback helps us make our program even better!

P.S. One more thing: we've added Certificates for Sight Words (and all of our other Phonics modules) too! How's that for motivation?


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