Live reading lesson

Posted by MobyMax on April 10, 2020

We’re back with more snazzy ideas on how to ease the burden of distance learning! 

In this "how-to" video, learn how to teach a live virtual lesson using MobyMax.

Specifically, we show you how to pick a reading story with comprehensions questions and read it aloud to your students.

We know that students get psyched when they get to “meet” live and see all their classmates.  To keep that excitement going, we suggest Fluency Team Games and Contests. 

Fluency Team Games give students the opportunity to practice critical math and ELA skills by working together in a gamified environment.

Likewise, Moby Contests are a great way to foster healthy competition and keep students engaged with the material and each other.

Click here for the step-by-step guide.

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