Make Back-to-School a Success With These Top 15 Moby-Inspired Bulletin Boards

Posted by MobyMax on September 02, 2016

MobyMax makes going back to school super fun, especially when kids have a cool bulletin board they can track their progress on. 

Thousands of teachers have already created boards to get their kids inspired, motivated, and excited starting on Day One. We've picked the top 15 to give you some ideas for a MobyMax bulletin board that will be perfect for your own classroom.

1.  Under the Sea Theme


“I teach first grade and have a sea theme. This is my second year utilizing MobyMax. On the board, students will graph their fact fluency and badges earned. They will use stickers to graph their badges, and I will have a monthly contest to encourage hard work.” ~ Stacey Kestler Robinson, Northeast Elementary School

2.  Moby Badges, Fact Fluency, and Monthly Classroom Contest.


“I am still doing a sticker chart for badges. That is the chart in the middle. Students will wear the lanyard for a day for each badge. Every ten will earn a prize. As a class we will determine the prizes.... something different for every 10 badges. On the left are Fact Fluency charts. Students are encouraged to spend 20 minutes a week practicing their facts. Each Friday, a sticker is earned if the time is completed. When a row is filled, the student earns a juice box. Fact practice is regular homework in our school, but instead of flashcards, this year, fact practice will be digital.

Finally, on the right side of the board, the monthly contest will be posted. The winner(s) from the previous month will have their photos displayed.”

 ~ Jen Lindquist, Kane Area Elementary School

3.  This one’s a hoot!


“Our theme this year is owls, and I thought this was a great idea and kind of went with the flow. My board is for contests in MobyMax, and the student that scores the highest will have their name on a star that hangs from the curtain rods by fishing string:). A student will also win a prize every month. I’m looking forward to a very exciting year incorporating MobyMax, and all this program has to offer!:)”Christina Jansen, Carver Middle School

4. Surfing into Math!


“I teach 8th grade intensive math. I use MobyMax for remediation, and it's wonderful!! Since my classroom theme is "surfing into math", I made surf board magnets for each student. I named the reward system "Moby Hang Ten Club". The top ten badge earners for each class are displayed on the dry erase boards each week. Plus, the class with the most "good vibes" gets rewarded with an extra 10 minutes of game time. I love how the MobyMax whale logo tied right into my class decor!” ~ Kendra Sands Morgan, Baker County Middle School

5.  I Scream for Ice-Cream!


"Students earn a sticker for their chart for every badge earned. They also wear the Moby Lanyard for the day. For every 10 badges, students earn a free ice cream cone from a local shop or a selection from my prize box. We have been doing this since the first week of school. I used actual Moby badges for decorations." ~ Jen Croyle Lindquist, Kane Area Elementary School


"Students earn a sticker for their chart for every badge earned. They also wear the Moby Lanyard for the day." ~ Jen Croyle Lindquist, Kane Area Elementary School

6.  Spin the Wheel!


“Here is my Moby board for this school year. I will be tracking students’ badge progress with the sticker chart. They will receive a prize of their choice from the reward spinner for their first 5 badges and then every 10 badges after that. Students love to see the progress that they are making while competing against their classmates!” ~ Erin Brinkley, Kane Area Elementary

7.  Fact Fluency Super Stars!


“We are planning a Fact Fluency contest to kick off our school year. It will be open to 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. Students who spend a minimum of 45 minutes a week practicing facts will earn an entry into the weekly drawing. One student from each grade will earn a prize and will have their photo added to our bulletin board, which is located in the hall near the main lobby. The contest will run for the entire marking period.” ~ Nichole Lynn, Kane Area Elementary

8.  MobyMax Badge Center


“For every 5 badges earned, students get a prize. Prizes are color-coded and get better as more badges are earned.” ~ Brandi Wood, Itawamba Attendance Center

9.  Space saver! 


“This is my first time using Moby Max! We just took our placement test today, and we are ready to go! I used a cabinet as my bulletin board to save space. I plan to reward the students for badges. For every badge earned, they will get a sticker. After the first 5 stickers, they will get a prize, and then for every 10 after that! I'm so excited to use this program!” ~ Amanda Duvardo, Pinckneyville Middle School

10. Fact Master Wall


"I use MobyMax as a station, and we have lots of motivators.  
1. - This is our monthly tracking chart. We use it to track how many lessons have been passed in a month. If a student reaches ten before the month is over, a Sonic drink or slush of their choice is delivered to them during lunch!
2. - This is our Fact Master wall. As students master facts in Fact Fluency, they are added to the wall and receive a prize for their accomplishment. 
3. - For major landmarks (like 1 or 2 years of progress) students have the opportunity to take photo booth-style photos for our Amazing Growth Wall. These photos are posted in the room under the amount of progress they've accomplished and are published in our classroom newsletter for parents." ~ Melissa McCraw, Bric Kirksey Middle School

11.  Get Schooled!


"My kids are so excited earning badges. After earning badges they earn beach bucks to buy coupons with. At the end of the year we will have a party!" ~ Jessica Crusha, Miami Elementary

12. Join the Club!


"This bulletin board showcases students who have mastered addition and/or subtraction facts and joined the MobyMax 100 Club. Members of the 100 Club get their picture added to the bulletin board, and they also get to eat lunch with Assistant Principal Jacob Messer. Students monitor their success by watching their MobyMax thermometers go up. Our students' confidence, skill level, and love of learning goes up as their thermometers go up! As teachers, we love the individualized, timed fluency practice and how it provides instant feedback for our students. We think MobyMax is a fun and engaging way to build success. Thanks, MobyMax!" ~ First Grade Sherman Elementary School Teachers: Cathy Hunter, Tonya Pettry, and Rhonda Roberts 

13. MobyMax Math Badge Hall of Fame


"We are taking our math practice to a whole new level! I have used Moby since it was MobyMath. Each row has a class prize at the end.  After we all reach the first 16 badges, we have a fun event, like a Popsicle party." ~Kim Dunnagan, Bethel School  

14. Popping through our math facts!


"My kiddos have been working hard on their fact fluency, so I use the fact fluency data to track their progress. As they master each fact, they get a piece of popcorn put on that "bag". When they whole class masters a fact, we have a popcorn party! We've had one popcorn party so far, and we just started after Christmas! " ~ Caren Eldridge Bush, Olive Hill Elementary School

15. 1st Graders wear badges with pride!


"My first graders love earning badges. It is a wonderful motivation to go along with a great program. Each child has a badge necklace where they put their badges/trading cards as they earn them. The necklaces hang on a hook under their name. After their necklaces start to fill up, they have trading card sleeves to put their older badge cards in so the necklaces can be replaced by new badges. They get so excited when it pops up on their screen that they have earned a new badge that they will show me and grab their new badge/trading card to add to their necklace. I have  the badges descriptions posted around the outside border, so they can learn more about each badge. They love to wear their badges around their neck. I also track fluency with a sticker chart." ~ Hillary Ray, Destin Elementary School

Having a great bulletin board is just one way you can use MobyMax to close the learning gap for your students. Whether you need to close the gap for one student or twenty-one, MobyMax can help! 

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