Moby For Special Education: Part II – Live Webinar Tuesday, Nov 16th at 8 PM EST!

Posted by MobyMax on November 15, 2021

“Moby University” is offering a free live webinar this week to help special education teachers get the most out of MobyMax for their students. “Moby for Special Education: Part II” is a continuation of the acclaimed Part 1 session, which teachers have widely praised for helping them not only “address learning goals but help with IEP goals, too.”

All teachers, from beginners to advanced, are welcome to join us. Earlier attendance at Part I is not necessary, but that session is recorded for those who want to view it before or after Part II.

Here’s how you’ll benefit from Tuesday’s special session:

Webinar Topic: Moby for Special Education

8 PM EST - 9:00 PM EST

Moby for Special Education: Part 1 focused on diagnostic testing, adaptive curriculum, and progress monitoring. In addition, it covered ways to simplify the IEP process and keep students motivated with differentiated Learning. In Part 2, we’ll dive deeper and review settings, features, and tools that will set your students up for success. We'll also look at reporting, grouping, and ways to engage your students as they work to meet IEP goals and fill gaps.

Whether attending live or at another time, teachers love the webinars. 

Here’s some feedback from Moby For Special Education Part 1

Said one, “I was initially introduced to MobyMax 11 years ago and never received any form of training. I am very tech savvy, but you guys have truly evolved over the years. And it's so cool, where you guys are now is absolutely amazing. I am actually very thankful that you have the sped background as well as the tech side, and you’re willing to share that expertise.”

“I had a student that had autism, and I was able to personalize her skills and she just recently graduated from high school. But she was in an online virtual special ed program because she couldn't fit in a classroom. She increased like two years, only a period of like, two or three months because I would assign her lessons in MobyMax.” added another.

“I love the webinars, and I am learning how to use more components of the program with my special needs students. Not only does this program address the learning gaps, but helps with the IEP goals!” exclaimed a third.

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Beginners are welcome; no prior Moby experience is needed to attend any of our webinars.

You can join the audio conference by internet or phone.

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