Moby Math Inspires AGP Students to the Max

Posted by MobyMax on March 05, 2018

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Has MobyMax cracked the code on inspiring and engaging gifted and talented students? After you watch a new video featuring AGP students at McKitrick Elementary School in Florida, you’ll see that is indeed the case. The video showcases several gifted students, along with teacher Chris Godshall, who explain, in their own words, how Moby Math enables them to learn better, faster.

One student in the video raves about the endless opportunities for learning offered by MobyMax. “It doesn’t ever end lessons for you,” he says. “If you finish a lesson, you don’t wait until you have a new lesson assigned. You can just keep on going and learning new things.” 

AGP Teacher Chris Godshall has been teaching for 16 years. In his interview, he says he uses MobyMax with his AGP class because it helps students at so many different levels. “Some have gaps to fill within the math standards, and some need to be enriched within the math standards.”

Students learning with MobyMax-1.pngMoby Math gives Godshall the ability to differentiate learning among all his students, ensuring that they master the math skills each of them needs. Godshall also likes how easy it is to assign lessons students can work on at their own pace. Some of those lessons may involve re-teaching, some may involve enriching, but one thing is certain: they all involve learning.

Fifth grade student Moritz Arnold likes that he can accelerate his own learning process using MobyMax instead of being held back while other students get to his level. “I’m currently learning how to add and subtract fractions in math class,” he says. “But on MobyMax, I’m already multiplying and dividing them.”

Thanks to MobyMax, notes another fifth grader, he can do 6th grade lessons in math, 7th grade lessons in language arts, and 5th and 6th grade lessons in science. His enthusiasm for working above his grade level is contagious!

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One characteristic of MobyMax that most teachers love is how easy it is to turn learning experiences into games and contests. For example, Godshall uses MobyMax to create a “100% club” to motivate students to meet 100% of their grade-level math standards. “Students were fired up about it,” he says. “They definitely wanted to come out of the gate running with it.”

When a fourth grade student consequently mastered all his math standards, Godshall and his class organized a surprise party, which included playing the student’s favorite song as he ran under an archway of his classmates celebrating his achievement.

Moby Math doesn’t only work for AGP students. “We’re seeing more gifted students on board with it, but students in the Gen Ed classroom as well,” reports Godshall.

Though high-achieving students earn rewards like ice cream and fun games, Godshall says, “Whatever the treat may be at the end, they’re not focused on that. They’re focused on the learning and the competition and the challenge that they’re getting from the MobyMax curriculum.”

Though it’s less than four minutes long, the video effectively conveys how Moby Math empowers students and teachers alike to take learning to the max. You can watch for yourself right here. 

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