MobyMax data will be archived July 31st

Posted by MobyMax on June 03, 2021

Summer is rolling in, and we want to remind you that your students' 2020-2021 data will be archived on July 31st. We archive student data each year to make room for a new year of student data.

After data is archived, you can still access your students’ prior progress history, placement test results, lesson scores, and session times. Game time and badges also stick around! However, the specific problems done will be cleared out.  You'll find a handy “Prior Year” section in many of your Moby reports, like in the “Detailed History” in your Progress tab.

If your students are in summer school, year-round schools or homeschool, or are simply working in Moby in July, their data will not be archived, so they can continue working uninterrupted.

If you’d like to keep specific records like contest results or messages from this year, now is the time to save them as PDFs or print them out.

We hope you stay safe and healthy and enjoy some well-deserved summer sunshine. We look forward to seeing you next school year!

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