MobyMax is Perfect for Summer Learning

Posted by MobyMax on July 05, 2022

It’s no secret that summer is a favorite time for students (and teachers!) to enjoy some much-needed time off. As summertime continues, many parents and guardians may be planning activities, looking for ways to keep their children entertained, or searching for strategies to beat the heat. There’s one additional question, though, that’s on the mind of many:

“How can I keep my student’s academic skills sharp while they’re out of school?”

Enter MobyMax! The complete K-8 education solution is not just an excellent tool for the classroom, but for practice at home over the summer as well!

As a web-based program, MobyMax is usable on any device with internet connectivity, making it easy for students to access all of the same incredible differentiated learning, fluency practice, assessment, and motivation tools they utilize during the school year. Best of all, MobyMax’s adaptive learning technology continues to automatically find gaps in student knowledge and assign targeted lessons to address those areas, ensuring that learners are working on content perfectly tailored to their needs.

“MobyMax is amazing at meeting students’ academic goals and enriching their learning. MobyMax offers all subject areas and identifies where your students are struggling,” says one teacher from Wyomina Park Elementary School, FL. “The students are always engaged and have fun while learning new lessons and reinforcing lessons they have struggled with. MobyMax starts them off with a placement assessment to determine exactly where they are and what skills they need to master.”

Shown to increase understanding by one full grade level in just 20 hours, MobyMax is the perfect tool to combat summer slide. Parents, guardians, summer school teachers, and tutors can encourage students to log in to MobyMax, where they’ll immediately be engaged in adaptive assessments, instructional videos created by educators, and practice problems with guided feedback. A teacher from Beverly Hills Intermediate, TX shares, “MobyMax’s user-friendly format is designed to address and meet the strengths and needs of every student.”

Whether you’re looking to reinforce your students’ skills in math, ELA, science, social studies, or one of our other 27 subjects, MobyMax will keep your students sharp and motivated throughout the summer and beyond!

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