“MobyMax makes life as a teacher a little easier”

Posted by MobyMax on October 27, 2016

This week, we challenged teachers to have their students test out MobyMax Science and Social Studies.  MobyMax Science takes advantage of our proprietary Touch Curriculum™ technology by using more than 20,000 cognitive skill manipulatives to deepen students’ mastery of science concepts. MobyMax Social Studies lessons also use cognitive skill manipulatives to push students to think critically about history, geography, government, and economics.

MobyMax Science and Social Studies 2.pngWe were thrilled to hear from over 1,000 teachers about the progress their students were making using these two tools! Here's what teachers had to say:

“My top 3 students blew me away. I teach 5th grade special education in a resource room. My top three students completed, respectively, 32 problems with 89% accuracy overall, 28 problems with 92% accuracy, and 28 problems with 92% accuracy...Moby has been a true blessing...Thanks for the awesome technology! Makes life as a teacher a little easier.” ~ Ashley Nicole, National Road Elementary School

“MobyMax helps my class practice those skills that packed curriculum schedules throw to the wayside. I can closely monitor my kiddos' strengths and weaknesses and adjust skills to meet their needs. Also, the reports are a great tool, not only to inform my instruction, but to present to parents/caregivers during conferences.” ~ Cherrita Tatnall, Fred H Croninger Elementary School

“Many students in my 3rd grade class came in testing below grade level this year. With MobyMax every day for the past 11 weeks, their progress has been phenomenal. Some have even improved 3-4 grade levels!” ~ Dezreen Solomon-Cumberbatch, Victory World Christian School

Want to see what more teachers have to say about MobyMax? You can read their rave reviews here.


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