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Posted by MobyMax on March 20, 2020

“Our students will be able to continue to learn from home, and our teachers can easily track their progress.”

Since March 6, MobyMax has provided 1,567 schools closed due to COVID-19 with its award-winning educational software for free. MobyMax will continue to do so through the end of the current school year. Any school administrator that still needs online learning tools should contact MobyMax immediately to sign up at no cost.

Teacher response to the free offer has been overwhelming.

We wanted to share some of the feedback and ask educators to comment on what is working well and how they are utilizing MobyMax to continue learning at home. 

"On behalf of my school, I would like to say thank you,” said one teacher.

"Providing our school with a license for free during the time of school closure is truly appreciated. Our students will be able to continue to learn from home and our teachers can easily track their progress."

"Planning for something like a pandemic is not easy, but your company alleviated some of our stress." 

"Wishing you wellness during this trying time."

And more teachers weighed in.

“Hello! We are so thankful for MobyMax! We have been using it for years with my team of teachers, and this year our district started using it more. There were times when our district questioned whether we should continue with the program, but my team was adamant about keeping it, as it is such a wonderful tool for our students to use." 

“Now that we are in a crisis and our district has resorted to e-learning, they have seen the benefits of this program and are so very thankful that we have it! I can't say enough about this program! Thank you again!”

How to Access MobyMax’s Free Emergency Offer

Though many schools have already closed, it is not too late for any school or district to take advantage of MobyMax’s entire suite of tech tools for free. Schools and districts simply need to call 888-793-8331 (Mon-Fri, 7am-6pm EST) or email

NOTE: Even if a school only closes for a few days or a week, the entire MobyMax program remains free for the rest of the school year.

In addition to providing schools and districts with free MobyMax tools, the company has also prepared a guide for parents that details how to use MobyMax at home with their children.



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