New! MobyMax launches Early Reading Trio, a new Touch Curriculum™ subject.

Posted by MobyMax on October 20, 2015

We are pleased to announce our latest curriculum addition: Early Reading Trio, a new Touch CurriculumTM subject. 

MobyMax Personalized Learning Early Reading Trio

Early Reading Trio is made up of three powerful modules that work together to reinforce early reading skills:

1. The Early Words module prompts students to practice the phonetic sounds they will encounter in Early Stories. 

2. The Early Stories module consists of four one-sentence pages where students drag into the sentence the correct word they learned in Early Words. 

3. In Early Writing, students create stories by dragging words and pictures. This innovative approach lets students see, hear, and play with words, strengthening both their reading and writing skills.

Early Reading Trio is live and ready. Simply log in, and you will see the new Early Reading Trio icon, ready for you to use!

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