Pinpoint Assessments and Welcome Back!

Posted by MobyMax on September 14, 2017

It's September, so it's time to fix those skill gaps before students start to fall behind.

If you'd like some tips on how to get your roster up and running in MobyMax, you'll find this quick video helpful.

Once you have your new students registered, you can let them pick up where they left off in MobyMax last year (by default) or restart them in any particular subject. 

In addition to our Personalized Learning, which has made MobyMax the most widely used curriculum in the United States, be sure to check out our new Pinpoint Assessments for Math and Language.  

Here's how to access Pinpoint Assessments:

MobyMax Pinpoint Assessments.png

MobyMax’s Pinpoint Assessments -- as the name implies -- lets you pinpoint the specific skills that each student is missing or has mastered.  This is done using two advanced modules: Skill Checker and Benchmarker.  

You'll want to use Skill Checker daily, not only because the tests take seconds to create, but because you can easily assign lessons to fix missing skills.

Benchmarker accurately measures student progress within a grade level in just 45 minutes. It also allows you to assign lessons that keep your students moving forward.

Skill Checker and Benchmarker are just the first elements in a comprehensive new approach that's soon to be indispensable in your classroom.  We will be adding more subjects, features, and modules throughout the school year. 

Welcome back -- we look forward to hearing from you throughout the school year!

Glynn and Wade

P.S.  Did you hear that MobyMax won this year’s SIIA CODiE Award for Best Cloud-Based Solution (i.e. Personalized Learning) and Best PreK/Early Childhood Learning Solution? Learning Magazine also just announced that MobyMax won a 2018 Teachers' Choice Awards for the Classroom!


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