Say Hello to your Moby Friends!

Posted by MobyMax on February 06, 2017

Exciting news! MobyMax just released a brand new motivational tool called Moby Friends. Moby Friends are fun cartoons that follow students around as they work in the program. Have students click on the Moby Friends button in their student dashboards to get started.

MobyMax Friends 1.png

Students can Choose or Build their Moby Friends. Using the "Choose" option, students can pick from a ready-made list of friends. To select a friend, simply on the desired thumbnail.

Moby Friends 2.png

On the "Build" screen, students can create an unlimited number of customized whale friends. Choose a color, a mouth, sunglasses, and a hat! Click the dice tab to create a random friend!

Moby Friends 3.png

Students will see their new friends appear as they work in Moby. 


A timer will appear in the upper-right hand corner of the Moby Friends screen informing students of how much Moby Friend time they have left. Once students run out of time, they won't be able to view, select, or create more friends until they do more work. 

MobyMax Friends 5.png

 Of course, you can hide Moby Friends just like you can hide any other module in Moby. Just go to your settings!

MobyMax Friends 6.png

Got a favorite Moby Friend? Give us a call at (888)793-8331 or email us at and let us know!


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