Social Studies Grade 4 and Fact Fluency

Posted by MobyMax on May 04, 2016

We know how important it is for students to build their fact fluency. To help your students build fluency in even more facts, we've added numbers 11-15 to our Fact Fluency module. Once you adjust your settings to include these new facts, you'll see student progress reflected in our fluency tables.Fact-Fluency.pngFact_Fluency_Grid-1.png

Whether students are just learning their ABCs or diving into the world of linear equations, they deserve to be rewarded for their learning. Moby now offers contest and badge points for all curriculum areas so that all students will be motivated to learn.Points.png

We've also spruced up the Games screen a little bit so it's easier to interpret—take a peek! Games.png

You might have noticed a new button for "Curriculum Settings" on your home panel. Here, you'll be able to adjust the default settings for your entire class. Be sure to adjust these default settings before you register your students so that the settings stick for everybody!


If you click the "Modules" tab, you'll see a way to adjust settings for our Daily Challenges and Weekly Streaks. Hide them altogether, or just tweak them to include certain subjects.


Last but not least, we’ve released Grade 4 Social Studies, which covers US geography, regions of the United States, US History, the US Economy, and the US Government. In addition, there are over 30 lessons on essential social studies skills and practices, such as reading maps, using longitude and latitude, identifying cause and effect relationships, interpreting a timeline, resolving a conflict, and creating a bar graph. Like all of our newest content, Grade 4 Social Studies takes full advantage of Moby’s Touch Curriculum™ technology, allowing students to interact with and manipulate the curriculum in a number of ways to increase both engagement and retention.

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