Starting the School Year Right with MobyMax!

Posted by MobyMax on September 07, 2022

For many of us the beginning of the school year is in full swing. This can be a time of anticipation, excitement, anxiety, and new beginnings for both students and teachers. But MobyMax makes getting started on the year’s learning both easy and fun! With just a few short steps, your students will be diving into their own personalized learning paths, watching teacher-created instructional videos, exploring and practicing critical concepts, and filling in their learning gaps.

Want easy guidance to get the most out of MobyMax here at the beginning of the year? Hop over to our YouTube or Vimeo channel and tune into the 2-minute “how-to” videos we’ve created so you can become the MobyMax Master your students need. Topics are presented in a step-by-step format and include everything from how to register your students to how to monitor the incredible progress your students will make, and everything in between!

To make it even easier, these how-to videos are easily accessible in your MobyMax Teacher account! In New Moby, they can be found under the “help” tab, and, in Classic Moby, you can access them from the “How-To Videos” link in the left hand navigation pane.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of our awesome videos to help you get started:

1. Get Started with the New MobyMax!

We’ve updated the teacher account to make MobyMax easier to use than ever! Watch this video to take a quick tour and see an overview of all the great features MobyMax offers. Together, we can find and fix your students' learning gaps!

Or watch on Vimeo:


2. How to Register Students

MobyMax makes registering your students simple and fast. Watch this video to learn how to register students manually or upload student information directly into Moby to register students in bulk.

Or watch on Vimeo:


3. How Your Students Get Started

MobyMax makes getting started a breeze. Check out this video to learn how students sign in and how Moby saves teachers time by automatically assigning personalized lessons for each student.


Or watch on Vimeo:


4. Getting Started with Adaptive Learning

Watch this video to discover how MobyMax’s adaptive learning curriculum makes it easy to find and fix your students’ learning gaps. All students are given placement tests in each adaptive learning subject, then are assigned targeted, adaptive lessons based on the results to make sure they are getting the exact content they need. Best of all, Moby does it all automatically.

Or watch on Vimeo:


5. How to Create a Whiteboard Activity

Looking for a way to present content to the whole class in an interactive, engaging way? Look no further than MobyMax’s Whiteboard Activities. Watch this video to learn how you can create a Whiteboard Activity using Moby’s pre-built instructional videos, activities, and practice problems, or how to use one created by another teacher in the Moby community.

Or watch on Vimeo:

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