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Posted by MobyMax on April 22, 2020

When your students use Moby, you can be assured that every lesson will begin with a high-quality Teach Me video to explain the topic and include immediate feedback to help correct mistakes. Each lesson will also include read aloud to ensure that your students never get stuck while working on their own.

We’ve created a short video showing just how high quality each of the lessons you assign are:


Also, as your students complete lessons, Moby will automatically track their progress so you can see exactly where students are excelling and where they might need more help. We’ve created a progress monitoring tutorial to help you get the most out of Moby’s reporting and dashboards.

Click here for the Progress Monitoring tutorial

This tutorial covers: 
- Understanding grade-level metrics
- Using Learning Velocity to gauge the rate at which students are closing gaps
- Progress Reports for standards-level reporting
- History for all grade-level changes


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