“THANK YOU MobyMax for this wonderful, painless assessment tool!”

Posted by MobyMax on March 11, 2021

Assessing a classroom for mastery of a standard can seem impossible – unless you’re using MobyMax. Moby’s Quick Skill and Quick Benchmarker tools help you easily assess your students on individual state standards or all state standards in their grade level.

It takes only minutes to learn how to use these tools, thanks to Moby’s short how-to videos.

The Quick Skill video shows you how to set up an assessment and analyze student data when the test is complete. Teachers who are watching it on our YouTube Channel love it! Here’s what they’ve had to say:

“This is a great way to get ready for the State Assessments, and to fill in the gaps! Way to go, MobyMax!”

“I love how I can assign different tasks for each child. Easy to differentiate! Plus, I can view the "snap shot" or the "detailed" outline for each assignment.”

“This has been a godsend during the pandemic. My kindergarten class loves getting badges. It keeps them engaged and learning during these uncertain times. Thank you!”

“Perfect timing! I was just trying to decide how to identify skills to prepare for standardized testing.”

“The fact that we can access drilled-down data is helpful in remediation, group formation, and future lesson planning. Very teacher-friendly and a time saver!”

Teachers are finding the Quick Benchmarker tool and its how-to video equally helpful!

“I love how this helps identify which standards each child needs help with! It would take a LONG time to do this in paper-pencil form. THANK YOU MobyMax for this wonderful, painless assessment tool!”

“My students definitely need a "Quick Benchmark" to reassess since there have been so many disruptions to our schedule. I am going to use these results to make some virtual small groups.”

“I'm excited to finally use these to help my students prepare for the state assessments this coming March and April. I'm glad I can select specific standards so my students can work on just those specific items related to state standards.”

“LOVE how MobyMax breaks down the test into benchmarks and strands, by each student, so I can see with what exactly the students are struggling. The remedial portion is fantastic!!”

You can watch both videos and more on our MobyMax YouTube channel. And please subscribe. As the end of the school year approaches, you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss any tips for wrapping up 2020-2021 and preparing for summer.


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