“This is going to make my teaching life a bit easier! Being able to create and assess from a menu at the click of a button! Simply amazing!"

Posted by MobyMax on April 12, 2021

Formulating high quality questions for useful quizzes or exit tickets takes time and can still miss the mark—unless you’re using MobyMax! Our Quick Test tool enables you to create custom tests within minutes by providing hundreds of thousands of pre-made problems covering all K-8. Whether you're crafting a quiz, exam, or exit ticket, use Quick Test to prepare the assessment you need in no time at all.

This two-minute how-to video shows just how easy it is. Start by accessing Moby’s entire K-8 curriculum. Find lessons sorted by subject and grade level. Choose the lessons you want, making the test as long or as short as you wish. Then, select the students you want to take the test. The test will show up in the students’ assignments tab on the day you designate. After the students complete the test, analyze the results using the Snapshot and Gradebook tabs in your teacher account. That’s all there is to it.

Teachers who use Quick Test have left comments on the video that will give you some insight into why the tool is so effective. What are they saying?

“I love that I am able to quickly differentiate tests for students and really focus on what standards they are struggling with.”

“The ability to actually make an assignment and assign it to individual students and analyze the scores right there is amazing.”

“Created an exit ticket in about a minute and a half!”

“I like the fact that teachers receive immediate feedback on students from the quick tests…Obtaining immediate feedback allows the teacher to develop targeted focus for individual and small groups.”

“MobyMax has really thought through what teachers need in order to check in on kids' progress. The exit ticket feature is a nice addition to an already wonderful program.”

The Quick Test tool works for special education teachers as well as teachers working with gifted and talented students.

“As a Special Education Teacher, this feature will allow me to differentiate so that everyone is taking the test but at their level. Love how fast this can be done as well. Big Shout Out for this awesome time-saving feature!!”

Another teacher summed up the many benefits of using the Quick Test tool,

“I've created my own exit tickets that have taken me lots of time. This is so much easier and faster with great results! Love the way we can individualize each test!”

You can watch this video and more on our MobyMax YouTube channel. And please subscribe. As the end of the school year approaches, you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss any tips for wrapping up 2020-2021 and preparing for summer.

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