Fun While Learning? MobyMax Makes it Easy!

    Posted by MobyMax on December 01, 2022

    Motivating students is everywhere in MobyMax! It starts the first time students log in every day with the Daily Smile comic, and continues throughout every module they use. It’s in the engaging tech-enhanced problems and touch curriculum. It’s in the cognitive skill manipulatives. It’s in the contests and games. It’s in the certificates and badges. It’s in earning game time with each correct problem. Student motivation is simply everywhere, and learners, teachers, and parents are taking note! Take a look at these snippets from some of our recent rave reviews:

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    Starting the School Year Right with MobyMax!

    Posted by MobyMax on September 07, 2022

    For many of us the beginning of the school year is in full swing. This can be a time of anticipation, excitement, anxiety, and new beginnings for both students and teachers. But MobyMax makes getting started on the year’s learning both easy and fun! With just a few short steps, your students will be diving into their own personalized learning paths, watching teacher-created instructional videos, exploring and practicing critical concepts, and filling in their learning gaps.

    Want easy guidance to get the most out of MobyMax here at the beginning of the year? Hop over to our YouTube or Vimeo channel and tune into the 2-minute “how-to” videos we’ve created so you can become the MobyMax Master your students need. Topics are presented in a step-by-step format and include everything from how to register your students to how to monitor the incredible progress your students will make, and everything in between!

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    MobyMax is Perfect for Summer Learning

    Posted by MobyMax on July 05, 2022

    It’s no secret that summer is a favorite time for students (and teachers!) to enjoy some much-needed time off. As summertime continues, many parents and guardians may be planning activities, looking for ways to keep their children entertained, or searching for strategies to beat the heat. There’s one additional question, though, that’s on the mind of many:

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    Moby Fluency Games make online learning fresh and engaging for students!

    Posted by MobyMax on December 18, 2020

    Here’s a Moby “How to” tip of the day!

    In this video, learn how to spice up online practice and engage students using Moby Fluency Team Games and Fluency Board Games. While it’s definitely fun, the instruction is also high-quality and aligned to your state standards.

    Here’s some of the feedback we received about this video on our YouTube Channel:

    “I enjoyed watching the video and learning about the Fluency Board Game. My scholars truly need this to advance their reading through a learning game.” ~ Patricia C

    “MobyMax is a great addition to any classroom! My students are on different levels. The fluency board games allow me to be able to put each student on the level they needed work on.” ~ Chaka D.

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    Want to Record Lessons for Your Students? MobyMax Makes It Easy!

    Posted by MobyMax on September 24, 2020

    When the pandemic forced most schools to abandon in-class learning, most teachers quickly learned how to use Zoom and other technologies to keep their students engaged. Still, many teachers faced a real challenge that prevented them from delivering the quality they knew their students needed: they didn’t know how to record lessons that students could watch later.

    MobyMax came to the rescue with an easy way to record lessons in a snap. Teachers can search from hundreds of existing lessons or create their own. Next, they utilize MobyMax’s Whiteboard Activities Module to create live lessons, which are recorded. With many students unable to attend some Zoom sessions, technology glitches, or just needing to re-watch a lesson, Moby makes it easy for teachers to record and send!

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    Summer Encouragement

    Posted by MobyMax on June 04, 2020

    If your students could use a little encouragement during the summer, check out this quick video of all the motivation tools (Vibes, Certificates, Badges, Games, and Messenger) in your MobyMax account.

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    MobyMax Reading and Science

    Posted by MobyMax on May 15, 2020

    If your students are getting tired of doing reading activities from home, MobyMax’s science and social studies modules are filled with engaging and interactive content that can keep students motivated. It encourages reading across the curriculum and gives students the opportunity to read about topics that interest them.

    We’ve created a quick video to show how you can use MobyMax’s science and social studies modules as a fun reading tool here:

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    Live reading lesson

    Posted by MobyMax on April 10, 2020

    We’re back with more snazzy ideas on how to ease the burden of distance learning! 

    In this "how-to" video, learn how to teach a live virtual lesson using MobyMax.

    Specifically, we show you how to pick a reading story with comprehensions questions and read it aloud to your students.

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    Automatically assign lessons

    Posted by MobyMax on April 07, 2020

    Many teachers are finding that creating and assigning remote learning lessons every day takes hours and hours, so we thought a video on “How to automatically assign lessons for students at home” could help.

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    Creating assignments and recording lessons

    Posted by MobyMax on April 02, 2020

    Our team at Moby is focusing all our energy on making teaching and learning from home as easy for you as possible.

    We’re putting together some videos with that exact goal in mind, and the first two are ready!

    Video 1 – How to create assignments for your students at home

    Follow three easy steps to create assignments using MobyMax using Moby Learning, Quick Checker, and Interactive Class.


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