Want to Master MobyMax? Our New “How To” YouTube Channel Makes It Easy with 2-Minute Tutorials!

Posted by MobyMax on January 07, 2021

Want get the most out of MobyMax, quickly? Hop over to our YouTube channel and tune into the 2-minute “how to” videos we’ve created so you can become the MobyMax Master your students need.

Topics are presented in a step-by-step format and include everything from how to prepare and send a video lesson to assign a fluency board game, and everything in between!

Here’s a sneak peek at our most popular videos teachers that are watching this month:

1. How to prepare and send a video lesson to your students at home

This video shows you how to easily download a screen capture app to record your screen and quickly create lessons using Moby’s Whiteboard Activities. You can pull problems from the Moby curriculum or create your own. Your students will be able to watch your instructional video anytime!

“This video has shown me how I can help my virtual students learn and complete assignments even when they are unable to attend my virtual meetings. MobyMax has great ideas for helping teachers meet the needs of all of there learners. Not all of our students are working on grade level. Making a video will help me with virtual small group instruction.” ~ Saddi M.

2. How to create assignments for your students at home

MobyMax makes creating assignments for students easy! Follow the three simple steps highlighted in the video to create assignments using Moby Learning, Quick Checker, and Interactive Class.

“I love that there are engaging and valuable ready-made lessons. This makes planning easier and gives me peace of mind that my students are learning. I also like that I am able to make individualized lessons for those students that are below or above grade level.” ~Janice B

3. How to create a Fluency Board Game

Wondering how to keep online practice fresh and engaging for students? Watch this video to learn how Moby Fluency Board Games allows students to practice critical skills while playing a virtual board game. By answering correctly, students earn fun moves such as spins and power-ups to help them complete the game.

“This appears to be a great tool especially during remote learning. I sometimes struggle to find meaningful fluency games/practices that will motivate students and will be fun for them to do. This program seems to check all the boxes. This would be a great addition to my remote teaching plans.” ~ Fred F

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