“What a great way to motivate everyone in the classroom!”

Posted by MobyMax on December 09, 2021

Engaging students who find school difficult is one of the greatest challenges teachers face. But it can be equally perplexing to keep highly motivated students involved, since anyone can lose interest in learning when lessons get boring or predictable.

No wonder MobyMax’s Teacher Rewards tool has become so popular.

“Of the many tools Moby offers, this one seems to really motivate them [her students],” reports one teacher. “I use the badges and certificates as a goal from which they can receive class rewards. The best part is that I can reach out to them while at home. That’s always a game-changer...thanks for the video!”

The video being referred to is the short “How Can I Reward Students” clip, which shows you how to send fun rewards to your students and take maximum advantage of the Rewards tool. In just a few minutes, you’ll get the gist of the many kinds of rewards available to you and how to use them to motivate either an individual student or your entire class.

Yes, Moby already automatically rewards students as they work on assignments and answer questions correctly. But Teacher Rewards enables teachers to send exciting bonuses such as certificates and game time to their students as a way to pump up their learning and enthusiasm even more.  

Teachers who are watching the video on our YouTube Channel love it! Here’s what they’ve had to say:

This was so informative! Kids love receiving feedback (such as badges and prizes) - it’s an amazing motivator for them. They love discussing in class what is going well and what they need to work on and hearing the passion in their voices has been so wonderful to see! Thank you for making it so engaging!”

“This is such a great motivator for students and also a sweet way to remind them that their hard work is not going unnoticed.”

Teachers are equally delighted with the actual tool itself.

“What a GREAT way to motivate the students. Students love earning rewards, so the extra rewards are icing on the cake. Thank you, MobyMax!”

“Having another way to reward my students is always needed. I think rewarding often really builds their confidence. These additional Moby rewards are an easy way to let my students know that I am rooting for them!”

“I love the fact that a student can create and send a creative "Thank-you Note" back to their teacher! Excellent social skills!!”

“Wow, my students are going to be thrilled! Many of my students have been banking their game time, so I know they're going to be even more motivated to complete their tasks when they see their extra rewards! Thanks, MobyMax!”

“I really like how I can reward my students with extra game time, badges, and certificates. This makes them feel proud that they have earned these things and motivates them to work harder. In my class, some of the students compete with each other, so this is another great way to motivate them to learn and work hard at the same time. MobyMax makes it easy to monitor my students' progress too. Thanks, Moby!!”

To get started using Teacher Rewards, watch this short, explanatory video on the MobyMax YouTube channel.

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