What Do Over 200 Teachers a Month Do That’s Giving Them a Special Edge?

Posted by MobyMax on September 15, 2021

Every month, over 200 teachers do something “extra” that is helping them be more successful in their classrooms: they “attendMoby University by viewing at least one pre-recorded training webinar.

The webinars explain in easy-to-follow detail how to use the many tools and resources available on MobyMax to find and fix learning gaps in all subjects. The webinars last only one hour and include helpful questions and answers from attendees. While the webinars can be watched live, most teachers view them at their convenience.

Moby University covers everything from “Moby for Beginners” to “MobyMax at Home” to “Customizing Content and Engaging Students.” Of the 20 webinars available in the webinar library, the three most popular are “Getting Started in Moby,” “Progress Monitoring & Classroom Management,and “Interactive Class & Student Motivation.

"Getting Started” shows how Moby simplifies the IEP process, tracks student data, and keeps students motivated with differentiated learning.

Progress Monitoring” explains how to interpret data, read reports, and use the information teachers glean from Moby’s analytics to gain insights into each student’s progress.

“Interactive Class” showcases the many ways teachers can engage their students and use Moby’s Interactive Class modules to get students excited and motivated to learn.

In addition to these popular trainings, “101 sessions in Math, Writing, Reading, Language, Science, and Social Studies highlight the different settings in each subject that help teachers customize instruction. Additional webinars explore Moby’s assessment options, provide an overview of modules on Phonics and Early Reading for young learners, and explain how to get the most out of Moby’s Differentiated Learning approach. Two webinars are uniquely devoted to special education, and one is designed for parents using Moby at home.

“Very informative!says Danette P. O’Kelley, Ed. S., an 8th grade language arts teacher. “I want to join it again on Monday for the interactive session and again for the SPED session.

“I love the webinars, and I am learning how to use more components of the program with my special needs students. Not only does this program address the learning gaps but it also helps with the IEP goals!added another.

“Thank you for hosting these! I find something new every time!exclaimed a third.

Access to Moby University is free and available 24/7. Why not give it a try? You can find a list of all recorded webinars here, as well as sign up for upcoming webinars if you want to attend live. 

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