Make learning FUN this school year with a Moby-Inspired bulletin board!

Posted by MobyMax on July 19, 2018

We have enjoyed seeing thousands of teachers create bulletin boards to get their kids inspired, motivated, and doing the ‘happy dance’ from Day One. We would love to see your ideas, so here’s another fun monthly contest!

Simply post a picture of your Moby bulletin board on our Facebook page. We will also accept other creative visuals that you use to track Moby progress (like a decorated filing cabinet showing fact fluency progress or individual folder trackers.) We will select 5 winners at random on Friday, Aug 31 and another 5 winners on Friday Sept 28th. Each winner will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. 

What’s a Moby bulletin board? Here are a few of our favorites to get your creative juices flowing! 

1. Under the Sea Theme


“I teach first grade and have a sea theme. This is my second year utilizing MobyMax. On the board, students will graph their fact fluency and badges earned. They will use stickers to graph their badges, and I will have a monthly contest to encourage hard work.” ~ Stacey Kestler Robinson, Northeast Elementary School

2. MobyMax Math Badge Hall of Fame


"We are taking our math practice to a whole new level! I have used Moby since it was MobyMath. Each row has a class prize at the end.  After we all reach the first 16 badges, we have a fun event, like a Popsicle party." ~Kim Dunnagan, Bethel School 

3. 1st Graders wear badges with pride!


"My first graders love earning badges. It is a wonderful motivation to go along with a great program. Each child has a badge necklace where they put their badges/trading cards as they earn them. The necklaces hang on a hook under their name. After their necklaces start to fill up, they have trading card sleeves to put their older badge cards in so the necklaces can be replaced by new badges. They get so excited when it pops up on their screen that they have earned a new badge that they will show me and grab their new badge/trading card to add to their necklace. I have  the badges descriptions posted around the outside border, so they can learn more about each badge. They love to wear their badges around their neck. I also track fluency with a sticker chart." ~ Hillary Ray, Destin Elementary School

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If bulletin boards aren’t your thing, you can always use MobyMax to create engaging contests. Here are some helpful pointers about holding a MobyMax contest. Don’t miss the feedback from one of our Fact Fluency contests here.

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