MobyMax Bulletin Board Makes Mastering Facts Fun

Posted by MobyMax on March 09, 2017

There’s nothing we love more than a tweet from a principal about her teachers’ success using MobyMax! 

Recently, Rebecca Norwood, principal of Decker Elementary in Pomona, CA, tweeted her praise for special education teacher Kristi Brewer. Ms. Brewer is using MobyMax bulletin boards to help boost her students’ success in building fact fluency and mastering operations.

We checked in with Ms. Brewer to find out how she’s used MobyMax bulletin boards so successfully with her students. 

“Let me start by saying how much I love MobyMax!!!,” she said. “It has been such a great addition to my classroom.”

Ms. Brewer also loves the way her classroom MobyMax board inspires her students to achieve.

“The board tracks Fact Fluency on the left and number of badges earned on the right. For the Fact Fluency, the students have a different color clothespin for each operation:

Pink =addition, teal=subtraction, green= multiplication, and purple=division. 

We spend about 10-15 minutes four times a week on Fact Fluency.

Each week I track each student’s progress and move up the clothespin based on the student’s percentage of mastery. When the student reaches 100%, the clothespin goes on the operation sign, and then he or she starts the next operation.

Sean, the student in the picture, mastered all four operations.

Decker Elementary Fact Fluency.jpg

For the badges, students earn a sticker for every new Moby badge. For every 5 stickers, students earn a small prize.

In addition to Fact Fluency, students work on Moby Reading Stories, Informational Reading Skills, Numbers, and Math for 10-15 each, 4 times a week. I teach special education, so this is a great intervention program because it automatically differentiates and teaches what each student needs to learn.

MobyMax weekly chart-1.png

The students really enjoy seeing their progress on the bulletin board, and I have seen a lot of growth. “

We love seeing your students’ growth, too, Ms. Brewer! Thank you for sharing your story with the MobyMax community.

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