New Settings and Sort Features

Posted by MobyMax on May 2, 2017 9:53:53 AM

Every student deserves to have curriculum customized to meet their specific needs. And every teacher needs easy-to-use tools to customize curriculum. To help teachers tailor MobyMax to their students, we've made some changes to the Curriculum Settings menu. When you click the "Curriculum Settings" button on the teacher dashboard, you'll now be taken to the "Default Settings" screen. Here, you can set default settings for your entire class for each individual subject, adjust settings for non-curricular modules, and hide subjects and modules from students. 

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“MobyMax made my teacher heart swell with joy” as student effort and enthusiasm soared

Posted by MobyMax on Apr 10, 2017 3:46:51 PM

Testing season is upon us. How do you prepare students in a way that ignites their internal fire to learn, accelerates their learning rate… and makes you so happy, you could burst?

Moby contests!

Recently, we helped teachers prepare students for state achievement tests by challenging them to compete in a MobyMax Math and Language classroom contest. In Moby Math, students master key topics like place value, operations, proportional relationships, expressions and equations, and probability. In the Moby Language Module, students conquer parts of speech, verb tenses, punctuation, new vocabulary, and more. Both modules align with Common Core standards, so they fit seamlessly into most schools’ educational objectives and requirements.

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MobyMax Bulletin Board Makes Mastering Facts Fun

Posted by MobyMax on Mar 9, 2017 3:30:00 PM

There’s nothing we love more than a tweet from a principal about her teachers’ success using MobyMax! 

Recently, Rebecca Norwood, principal of Decker Elementary in Pomona, CA, tweeted her praise for special education teacher Kristi Brewer. Ms. Brewer is using MobyMax bulletin boards to help boost her students’ success in building fact fluency and mastering operations.

We checked in with Ms. Brewer to find out how she’s used MobyMax bulletin boards so successfully with her students. 

“Let me start by saying how much I love MobyMax!!!,” she said. “It has been such a great addition to my classroom.”

Ms. Brewer also loves the way her classroom MobyMax board inspires her students to achieve.

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Announcements and Tasks keep kiddos on track!

Posted by MobyMax on Mar 9, 2017 10:09:17 AM
The Wall just got a new upgrade: it is now called Announcements and Tasks! Use this feature like a classroom bulletin board to send out announcements, post assignments, schedule events, or poll your students with just a few clicks. 

We've also spruced up the screens that report lessons. These changes make it easier to view and print student lesson scores. On the Snapshot screen, you can now print or export scores by each individual lesson.

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Sweepstakes are back!

Posted by MobyMax on Mar 2, 2017 10:34:11 AM

Good things come to those who wait! MobyMax has revamped the Sweepstakes module based on user feedback (thanks, by the way!). The module is better than ever; students no longer have to match numbers in the exact order in which they appear on the ticket. They can also earn game time or even new games, depending on the number of matches they get.

To make sure students stay focused on learning, they must answer 30 questions correctly to earn a sweepstakes ticket. Don't worry - because we've made Sweepstakes easier to win, those extra questions will be worth it!

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Spiffy New Reports and Young Student Sign In

Posted by MobyMax on Feb 20, 2017 6:30:00 AM

We just released new, spiffy reports and a really cool way for young students to sign in without even typing!

New Reports
In the release today, we've moved Real Time and Alerts into their own modules. Even though this looks a little different, the features are the same.

There's also a new section on the teacher dashboard called Data and Reporting, which includes options for Classroom Dashboards, Student Dashboards, Monthly Reports, and Time Summary. Again, most of these reports show the same information they did previously; they've just moved to a new place!

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Florida Students Learn Math Twice as Fast and Double Their Fun By Competing in Inspiring MobyMax Contest

Posted by MobyMax on Feb 16, 2017 10:04:44 AM

Monica Contreras loves teaching math to her third graders. 

But do her McKitrick Elementary third graders love learning math?

A few years ago, Mrs. Contreras wasn’t so sure. But today, thanks to the MobyMax tools she’s using, she can confidently say that her students love learning math—though they may actually love MobyMax contests more!

Mrs. Contreras started using MobyMax several years ago to help her students prepare for the annual Florida Standards Assessment tests. She created a MobyMax Science Challenge that resulted in a 20 percent grade level increase in science among participating students.

When it came time to focus on math, Mrs. Contreras decided to run a MobyMax contest. Why are contests such a great way to motivate students to participate? Because “They love watching their stats go up!” she says.

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Want to Triple Your Students’ Motivation to Learn? Here’s the Secret.

Posted by MobyMax on Feb 7, 2017 3:23:43 PM

What inspires kids to come in early, work without complaining, and exceed both your expectations and theirs?


Last week, we challenged teachers and students to compete in a MobyMax classroom contest featuring the MobyMax Language module. This comprehensive module teaches students key skills tied to the Common Core language standards. By working in the module, students learn to master parts of speech, verb tenses, punctuation, and new vocabulary, all of which improve their writing.

Though teachers customized their contests to fit their classrooms, they all had one thing in common: they made practicing grammar
fun, competitive, and cool. Some kids were motivated by the opportunity to win a prize. Others wanted to win just for glory. Still others were driven by the chance to rank among the top 3 on their classroom leaderboard. Students who normally don’t participate or do their homework were coming in before school hoping to work on Moby before class even started.

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Say Hello to your Moby Friends!

Posted by MobyMax on Feb 6, 2017 3:00:00 PM

Exciting news! MobyMax just released a brand new motivational tool called Moby Friends. Moby Friends are fun cartoons that follow students around as they work in the program. Have students click on the Moby Friends button in their student dashboards to get started.

MobyMax Friends 1.png

Students can Choose or Build their Moby Friends. Using the "Choose" option, students can pick from a ready-made list of friends. To select a friend, simply on the desired thumbnail.

Moby Friends 2.png

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Introducing Sight Words!

Posted by MobyMax on Jan 31, 2017 2:50:00 PM

Early Reading teachers know how critical it is for students to learn sight words. Learning high frequency words by sight allows students to fluently read sentences and passages without having to waste time on decoding. That's why we've added Dolch and Fry Sight Words to the MobyMax Phonics suite. Students will learn these words using engaging manipulative questions and fluency speed drills, ensuring that students memorize these critical words in a flash. All they need to do is click on the "Sight Words" button today to get started!

Dolch Sight Words.png

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