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    Dread Testing Season? Not When You Use These MobyMax Tools!

    Posted by MobyMax on January 13, 2022

    Nobody likes testing season! It’s stressful for students, who worry their test results might not accurately reflect the hard work they’re doing in the classroom. And it’s stressful for teachers, who want all their students to be as well prepared as they can possibly be.

    Fortunately, MobyMax already has in place five test prep tools that make it easier for teachers to help their students—and make it easier for students to succeed.

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    “What a great way to motivate everyone in the classroom!”

    Posted by MobyMax on December 09, 2021

    Engaging students who find school difficult is one of the greatest challenges teachers face. But it can be equally perplexing to keep highly motivated students involved, since anyone can lose interest in learning when lessons get boring or predictable.

    No wonder MobyMax’s Teacher Rewards tool has become so popular.

    “Of the many tools Moby offers, this one seems to really motivate them [her students],” reports one teacher. “I use the badges and certificates as a goal from which they can receive class rewards. The best part is that I can reach out to them while at home. That’s always a game-changer...thanks for the video!”

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    Moby For Special Education: Part II – Live Webinar Tuesday, Nov 16th at 8 PM EST!

    Posted by MobyMax on November 15, 2021

    “Moby University” is offering a free live webinar this week to help special education teachers get the most out of MobyMax for their students. “Moby for Special Education: Part II” is a continuation of the acclaimed Part 1 session, which teachers have widely praised for helping them not only “address learning goals but help with IEP goals, too.”

    All teachers, from beginners to advanced, are welcome to join us. Earlier attendance at Part I is not necessary, but that session is recorded for those who want to view it before or after Part II.

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    Moby for Special Education - Live Webinar Tonight at 8 PM EST!

    Posted by MobyMax on October 27, 2021

    “Moby University” provides free live webinars each week to help teachers learn how to get the most out of MobyMax for their students. Tonight at 8 pm EST, we invite you to join us for a special live webinar titled “Moby for Special Education.” This is a free event, and we welcome any teachers, from beginners to advanced Moby champions, to join us. Here’s a little more information about tonight’s special session:

    Webinar Topic: Moby for Special Education

    With diagnostic testing, adaptive curriculum, and progress monitoring, MobyMax is the perfect tool for special ed teachers. Join us to learn how Moby simplifies the IEP process, tracks student data, and keeps students motivated with differentiated learning. We’ll also discuss other tips and tricks to set your students up for Moby success!

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    What Do Over 200 Teachers a Month Do That’s Giving Them a Special Edge?

    Posted by MobyMax on September 15, 2021

    Every month, over 200 teachers do something “extra” that is helping them be more successful in their classrooms: they “attendMoby University by viewing at least one pre-recorded training webinar.

    The webinars explain in easy-to-follow detail how to use the many tools and resources available on MobyMax to find and fix learning gaps in all subjects. The webinars last only one hour and include helpful questions and answers from attendees. While the webinars can be watched live, most teachers view them at their convenience.

    Moby University covers everything from “Moby for Beginners” to “MobyMax at Home” to “Customizing Content and Engaging Students.” Of the 20 webinars available in the webinar library, the three most popular are “Getting Started in Moby,” “Progress Monitoring & Classroom Management,and “Interactive Class & Student Motivation.

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    Moby Contests Are the Secret Sauce That Keeps Kids Coming Back For More!

    Posted by MobyMax on August 16, 2021

    If you ask students why they love MobyMax, don’t get mad if they say it’s because “it’s all fun and games.” That’s exactly what Moby Contests aim to be—and why MobyMax is such a success.

    Moby Contests put the fun in learning by using competitions to keep students motivated. Students compete against their classmates, or classrooms compete against each other. Some contests are simply about a student competing against themselves. No matter which way they’re designed, contests and the games they revolve around make learning so much fun that students may not even realize that’s what they’re doing.

    Just about any kind of contest works. Want to organize a math showdown to get students competing to learn more problems? Let’s start multiplying! Want to focus on getting your students to master the parts of speech? Moby will see your verb and raise you two adjectives.

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    Want To Become a MobyMax Master? Our “How To” YouTube Channel Makes It Easy!

    Posted by MobyMax on July 31, 2021

    Want get the most out of MobyMax, quickly? Hop over to our YouTube channel and tune into the 2-minute “how to” videos we’ve created so you can become the MobyMax Master your students need.

    Topics are presented in a step-by-step format and include everything from how to prepare and send a video lesson to assign a fluency board game, and everything in between!

    Here’s a sneak peek at our most popular videos teachers that are watching:

    1. How to prepare and send a video lesson to your students at home

    This video shows you how to easily download a screen capture app to record your screen and quickly create lessons using Moby’s Whiteboard Activities. You can pull problems from the Moby curriculum or create your own. Your students will be able to watch your instructional video anytime!

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    MobyMax data will be archived July 31st

    Posted by MobyMax on June 03, 2021

    Summer is rolling in, and we want to remind you that your students' 2020-2021 data will be archived on July 31st. We archive student data each year to make room for a new year of student data.

    After data is archived, you can still access your students’ prior progress history, placement test results, lesson scores, and session times. Game time and badges also stick around! However, the specific problems done will be cleared out.  You'll find a handy “Prior Year” section in many of your Moby reports, like in the “Detailed History” in your Progress tab.

    If your students are in summer school, year-round schools or homeschool, or are simply working in Moby in July, their data will not be archived, so they can continue working uninterrupted.

    If you’d like to keep specific records like contest results or messages from this year, now is the time to save them as PDFs or print them out.

    We hope you stay safe and healthy and enjoy some well-deserved summer sunshine. We look forward to seeing you next school year!

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    “This is going to make my teaching life a bit easier! Being able to create and assess from a menu at the click of a button! Simply amazing!"

    Posted by MobyMax on April 12, 2021

    Formulating high quality questions for useful quizzes or exit tickets takes time and can still miss the mark—unless you’re using MobyMax! Our Quick Test tool enables you to create custom tests within minutes by providing hundreds of thousands of pre-made problems covering all K-8. Whether you're crafting a quiz, exam, or exit ticket, use Quick Test to prepare the assessment you need in no time at all.

    This two-minute how-to video shows just how easy it is. Start by accessing Moby’s entire K-8 curriculum. Find lessons sorted by subject and grade level. Choose the lessons you want, making the test as long or as short as you wish. Then, select the students you want to take the test. The test will show up in the students’ assignments tab on the day you designate. After the students complete the test, analyze the results using the Snapshot and Gradebook tabs in your teacher account. That’s all there is to it.

    Teachers who use Quick Test have left comments on the video that will give you some insight into why the tool is so effective. What are they saying?

    “I love that I am able to quickly differentiate tests for students and really focus on what standards they are struggling with.”

    “The ability to actually make an assignment and assign it to individual students and analyze the scores right there is amazing.”

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    “THANK YOU MobyMax for this wonderful, painless assessment tool!”

    Posted by MobyMax on March 11, 2021

    Assessing a classroom for mastery of a standard can seem impossible – unless you’re using MobyMax. Moby’s Quick Skill and Quick Benchmarker tools help you easily assess your students on individual state standards or all state standards in their grade level.

    It takes only minutes to learn how to use these tools, thanks to Moby’s short how-to videos.

    The Quick Skill video shows you how to set up an assessment and analyze student data when the test is complete. Teachers who are watching it on our YouTube Channel love it! Here’s what they’ve had to say:

    “This is a great way to get ready for the State Assessments, and to fill in the gaps! Way to go, MobyMax!”

    “I love how I can assign different tasks for each child. Easy to differentiate! Plus, I can view the "snap shot" or the "detailed" outline for each assignment.”

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